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So, what's all this about?

When I was a kid I used to spend almost every Saturday walking up the high-street where I lived in a small town in Lancashire and loved every minute of it, I would call into the art shop to look around and visit the lovely ladies who worked there, buy some (not in the art shop), have a look in all the shop windows of the many independent traders and later marvel at the wonders of Argos when it arrived, clutching my little pencil while choosing something new and shiny to buy with the money I'd saved up. At the top of the street was a cinema where I would sometimes impulsively select a movie that was starting soon, quickly buy a ticket and disappear into the gloom of the theatre. When 'Bollywood' films started showing I went to see one and came out baffled and half deaf but delighted nontheless.

Anyway, this site is trying to be a virtual representation of the British high-street, but without the rain, a cinema, Dandelion & Burdock and delicious Wimpy burgers.

Thanks for listening...
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